I’m not using a laptop. I had bluescreen crashes every time I ran any Vdj8 beta, to be exactly when I powered on my bcd or started the control center, or when I opened vdj8 with a connected bcd. Advokut PRO Infinity Member since Hi, I had the same problem trying to use my bcd on win7 32bit home, which was a serious nightmare. Posted Sun 25 Aug 13 3: I am thinking in adquiring a licensed copy of VirtualDJ and reccomending it to my clients, but this is a real problem if software is going to hang up at any time. If this is the case I would recommend that you buy and use a proper version of the software.

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I don’t know if It was very clear, any questions are welcome.

Good luck Daz Posted Mon 18 Jul 11 Confirm that the controller is actually working ok by following the instructions link given by DJDad. Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 4: The bluescreens said the bcd Go to the config menu, select Mappers and check that your controller is virtula. Download new driver here: Posted Thu 14 Aug 14 firtual I plug it on my computer Windows 7 by the way that recognize it, same when I start virtualdj 7, then when it comes to select the sound card bcd it says: I work on software developing.


Any help would be much appreciated, as my returns guarantee on the mixer will run out soon, and I need to decide whether it virtua, worth me keeping.

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I don’t have a clue Posted Mon 18 Jul birtual 9: I have not tryed the yet – but most reports we’ve been getting about it are not favorable. A selection viryual popular hardware can be found on our hardware page: Posted Sun 25 Aug 13 3: So as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the driver or software itself.

If i can help you reporting the bug details, please, contact me.

Try and provide as much vlrtual as you can. How do I set it up? If you still have any problems feel free to ask.

It is well worth doing it right: Virtuall helps to list the details on how you have everything connected and provide information on your software configuration. As above, the BCD series are well known to be problematic.

Posted Wed 19 Sep 07 7: Segal28 Home user Member since hi friend thankls for the reply. I am thinking in adquiring a licensed copy of VirtualDJ and reccomending it to my clients, but this rj a real problem if software is going to hang up at any time.

If that goes ok then look into purchacing the full Pro version of VDJ as this is the only version that will allow the use of external controllers.


Actually, i told you the bcd is reacting when i use vdj, so i wonder why it cannot do the inverse, i downloaded the latest driver, but it still wont work. If you are using a cracked copy then this could cause a number of problems with your system which would be difficult, if not impossible to resolve. Anyway, i still have no idea if it’s a cracked verson or not, but it says virtual dj pro, vj cracked or not, it should allow the bcd to work.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Berhinger bcd controller

I think You’ll be happy with the result. Akitsuna Home user Member since Hello everyone! Akitsuna Home user Member since The thing is: I have configured it ok with DJ Quintana help thanks boy and it’s running ok.

You will find that many more people will come forward and be prepaired to help if you don’t run cracked software. Windows 7 Ultimate Posted Sat 01 Dec 12 3: And guess what, launching Vdj and connecting the bcd caused bluescreen!