Justia Law Firm Website Design. Justia Law Firm Website Design. We serve the following localities: Based on all of these tests, as well as any other observations made the officer, the officer may decide to arrest the driver. Some lawyers never challenge the State’s case.

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This includes all criminal investigations and arrests. It is also one of the state’s oldest cities, as it became an official state subdivision in In other cases, the officer may present the driver to a District Court Commissioner to determine conditions of release. Offenders are usually placed on probation long enough to complete an alcohol education or treatment program and attend a MADD victim impact program a one night meeting where offenders listen to drunk driving victims.

At the administrative hearing, the driver faces a loss of license or privilege to drive for 45 days for a first test reading of.

Contact Us Free Consultation Located approximately halfway between D. Before the initial consultation with a lawyer, clients may be sent extensive questionnaires to enable to lawyer to properly assess the case. The city does not have a particularly high level of crime compared to the neighboring cities of Baltimore or Washington D. Despite the recent trend by lawmakers to relax their stance on marijuana prosecution, and the passing of laws to reduce punishments for marijuana possession, Anne Arundel County Police still make hundreds of marijuana possession arrests each year.

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Stamm today to schedule a free consultation. Glen Burnie is unincorporated, meaning it does not have its own independent government.

Anne Arundel County DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer | Glen Burnie Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

We represent clients throughout Anne Arundel County, Maryland including: Most arrests occur on the major roads and highways, including Ritchie Highway and the Arundel Expressway, but county police patrol for drunk drivers and impaired drivers on all roads around the city. Leonard Stamm has extensive experience almost 30 years representing individuals who have been pulled over for driving under the influence DUI or driving while impaired by alcohol DWIbeen bunie and charged with DUI or DWI, stopped at a drinking and driving sobriety checkpoint, requested to submit to a breathalyzer, submitted to a burrnie test, or failed a field sobriety test given by a police officer.


In many cases, after the breath test process or refusal is complete the officer has the discretion to release the driver. Every time you engage in conversation or even small talk with a police officer, that police officer can gather evidence that can be used against you in your trial. In court, and at MVA license suspension hearings, a lawyer may be able to challenge what the officer did or failed to do during the investigation.

Some lawyers never challenge the State’s case.

Violent crime levels are lower here than most surrounding urban areas, and consistent with most suburban areas in the state. At the police station the driver is read a form that advises the driver birnie the license suspension penalties that result from failing the breath test or from refusing a breath test. And if you live outside the state of Maryland, chances are that you have never heard of the city named after the Glenn family in the 19th century. Like all Maryland suburbs, Glen Burnie does have a high number of drug and alcohol related burnoe.

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Glen Burnie DUI Lawyer

It is also home flen the motor vehicle association or MVA. He is also given a rating of “Superb” by Avvo. Burmie that all roadside exercises are completely voluntary, and you are under no obligation to submit to a breath alcohol test unless you are involved in an injury accident. In many cases, the driver may have a medical condition which the officer is confusing with signs of impairment by alcohol. We serve the following localities: This can be a huge mistake since most DUI cases have issues that can be raised in defense, and with zero or very minimal penalty.

When an officer stops someone who the officer has reason to believe has been drinking, he or she will typically require the driver to exit the car to perform standardized field sobriety tests.

Most judges impose no trial penalty, so the sentence, even if the defendant is found guilty, is rarely more harsh than the sentence imposed after a guilty plea.

The three standardized field sobriety tests approved by the National Highway Safety Administration NHTSA are the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, the walk and turn test and the one leg stand test.

In other words, the result of fighting and losing is rarely worse than just pleading guilty or not requesting a hearing at the MVA. You should cooperate with police but never be overly friendly or talkative. Click here to read and watch a video of his Dean’s Address.