It didn’t skip or anything just lags, arrived on the correct spot on the screen after a while. And now my mx might be doing the same, sometimes I just lose all my speed, like I mistimed teh jump, but I keep thinking its the mouse, it’s pretty bad, you should write to Logi or something. Jodiuh , Jul 18, Have you used that keyboard? Ballz2TheWallz , Jul 18, Hey I dont care about dpi either smartass. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible.

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This supports up to DPI, so we’ll all have to buy a new mouse again!

Owens with the help of many others. This relates to more consistent movements.

My mx/ Razer diamondback comparison | Page 2 | [H]ard|Forum

Or if you already have an account: Especially with all these overrated specifications marketing bullshit. If you have an MX, don’t waste kx518 money on the MX They should raise that 32kb onboard memory and let you store game cfg’s in it. Razer has improved its production. But reading every reply stepoint this post has got me worried about the shape of the Copperhead. I was thinking of buying a mx Added support for SetPoint 3.


P I mean I played like hours on each mx mouse. Razer might just be left behind in this race. Ironic, thats the exact reason why I’m quitting with Logitech they keep failing on me, time after time it’s the button on logiteh front PCB, every fucking time.

But what if you are already an indian? I know this might be a silly question, but is there any advantages to having a mx tuned to dpi vs just using the mx Hi, I’m new to this forum but would setpoibt to give just two negatives to the G5 mouse.

Added G5 Laser Mouse with forward button ; added dogpile. Hmm if you use the 3.

My mx518/ Razer diamondback comparison

Ask anybody who uses “Mouseware” or “Setpoint” and they’ll tell you a tonn of shit about it. If each of the mouse’s dots per inch translated to a single pixel’s viewpoint shift as measured at the crosshairthen after the dots were used up, the viewpoint would have shifted by 90 degrees.

If you have aprox 5 pixels on the pad that will hit inside a certain pixel onscreen, you might have 2 pixels inside and 1 outside where 49percent lies inside the pixel you want to hit onscreen if you have half the res. After software installation and a quick rebootLgitech began to play around with the DPI quick set buttons which were very cool.


Intel Architecture Day. That’s new to me. It’s exactly the same as MX – surprise surprise.

ESR – The MX thread – Hardware Forum

Support for MX for Bluetooth 2. I find it easier with larger mice mx5xx, IE 3. The standard mouse protocol uses 8-bit coordinates only. Well u missed a detail.

Maby I will buy it when prizes go down. Most players will want to stick with the But I dont believe I will serpoint better than what I do with a mx anyway. MX added, slight changes to default. Should have been one system personaly I prefer metric.